This Man Is Searching For Love Using An Online Ad, But He Is Demanding Only Few Can Meet

In 2016, Daniel Piechnick drew attention to himself following his unorthodox approach to internet dating. The 41-year-old searched for a life partner using an online advert, but then it turned out that only a few people could meet a particular requirement.

The Adelaide-based had paid an advertising panel on numerous websites that linked users to his website, aptly titled “Single Guy from Adelaide.” During this time, his genuine approach to finding the perfect soul mate garnered praises from worldwide.

Daniel Piechnick, 41, took out an online ad to find love but his one demand has got the internet talking

But fast forward to 2021, Mr. Piechnick appears no closer to finding anyone suitable. A key detail on his website could explain why ladies aren’t rushing at his feet. The businessman who claimed the Australian Scrabble Championship in 2014 seeks a woman with the same level of intimate experience as himself.

In a clip at the top of his website, Mr. Piechnick explained that he wanted a woman who had spent her life focused on her career and protected herself for later when “the time was right.” Having undergone a thorough search, he has been left stunned to discover that no one does that anymore.

In 2016, Mr. Piechnick created a website as an advert to find a girlfriend but has so far been unlucky.

“It’s difficult to find someone else who hasn’t had a partner or hooked up before.” Mr. Piechnick, according to, stated. He added that he wanted to find someone to do everything, right from the start, which was precisely why he ran the site and the different ads.

Mr. Piechnick’s GF is required to be bright and enjoys using her mind for intellectual conversations. The woman would probably also have to be an admiration for Pauline Hanson because he ran as a Federal and State candidate wither One Nation in 2001 and 2002.

The businessman is searching for a woman with the same level of intimate experience as himself.

While Mr. Piechnick has undoubtedly met with some nice young women, none of them had been the right one. He admitted to having a youthful appearance despite having the experience and wisdom of someone aged. However, the businessman isn’t bothered about the age of his partner, stating that he doesn’t have any specific age range in mind.

On the other hand, prospective dates can email Mr. Piechnick directly or message him on Skype or Telegram. Some people who had stumbled upon his advert reportedly claimed to have indulged in trashy Korean romance novels when the ad popped up. Another said they were perusing the McDonalds secret menu when it was seen.

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