This Man Slammed For His ‘Brutal’ Method To Stop People Walking Across His Lawn

Thomas Lyons has a vast front lawn which many people confidently walk on. But he recently got frustrated as people kept trampling over his grass, resulting in extreme measures to prevent it. At the moment, anyone who walks across the lawn receives a shock when an automatic sprinkler is turned on to soak them with water for trespassing.

Thomas Lyons is slammed over his cruel method to stop people walking across his front garden.

Similarly, an alarm sounds when the sprinkler goes off, warning people not to step foot on the grass. Since sharing these tricks to TikTok under the username @tgunz81, not everyone has, however, been impressed. Thomas’ subsequent clips have since combined garnered over 3.5million views.

Trespassers got a shock when an automatic sprinkler drenches them as they walk across Thomas’ lawn. 

This unexpected method to keep off trespassers has, in particular, left the internet divided. In the comments of each of the videos, some people branded Thomas mean and cruel, while a few defended his actions, claiming he has every right to use his property anyhow he wishes.

One wrote: “You’re all mad for no reason. This is their yard. Walking on it can kill the grass, and there are sidewalks for a reason.” Another utterly disagreed, noting that cutting across the grass has saved them from missing the bus several times. They added: “People cut because it is always faster, and even 30 seconds can make a difference.”

There’s also an alarm that sounds when the sprinkler goes off, warning people not to step on his grass.

Some were dismayed at how rude the people walking on Thomas’s grass were. A third said: “I don’t understand. I was raised to never walk in someone’s yard, especially a stranger’s. A fourth added: “I was raised to never walk on people’s lawns. How are these kids just casually doing that?” On the other hand, a few attested to loving the level of pettiness and that Thomas can do anything with his lawn.

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