This Man Spends Approx $20000 on Engagement Ring but Fiancée Doesn’t Think ‘It’s Good Enough’

And it’s all because of the jewel used to complete the piece.

Yeah, it’s pretty strange, if I do say so myself. Upon hearing the story, people have slammed her as “shallow,” but that’s not all they had to say.

Have a look for yourselves.

Now, for many of us, we have marriage somewhere in our life plans, right?

For many women, in particular, the marriage fantasy starts right at the beginning – with the proposal of their dreams.

If the proposal is supposed to set the trend for how the wedding (and even the marriage) will go, many want it to be absolutely perfect.

Proposals have become a pretty big deal.

And that can mean that there seems to be more than just 2 people involved. In fact, getting engaged has become a pretty public event in most people’s lives.

There’s one area in particular that this manifests.

In the physical symbol of the commitment itself – the engagement ring. For many, the ring is almost the most important aspect of an engagement.

And there’s usually an even more specific concern.

Engagement rings typically have at least 1 large jewel – traditionally a diamond. For many, it’s the size of this gem that makes all the difference.

And obviously, the jewel represents something else.

Diamonds cost a pretty penny – so a ring with a really big one is a not-so-subtle way to brag about wealth.

A huge ring is a spectacle.

And when someone feels so excited about their relationship, it can seem like a huge engagement ring is the only adequate way to express it.

It can also be a way to set the tone.

An amazing ring will surely lead to an amazing wedding, and thus an amazing marriage … right?

Well, one man went above and beyond to make his fiancee happy, but she wasn’t having any of it.

And upon reading his story, people couldn’t help but give him some good advice.

Posting to the “Am I An A**hole” thread on Reddit, he explained his difficult situation.

“I (30m) proposed to my (then) girlfriend (27f) of 5 years last month, it was wonderful and she said yes, and we were never happier,” he started. But then “last week was when the trouble started, as she asked me how much I had spent on her ring.”

So he told her that he’d been saving up for years and purchased the piece for around $20,000, even putting his own plans to the side.

“She was initially floored that I had spent so much but later became suspicious that I had managed to get such a large stone (3.6 karats.) for the price, and asked to see the diamond certificate I got with the ring. I, of course, showed it to her (I thought she was worried I had been duped into buying a fake.) and when she saw it was lab-grown she got upset that I hadn’t bought her a ‘real’ diamond.”

​”This reaction stunned me for a couple reasons. Firstly, I had always been open in my distaste for the natural diamond industry, and secondly because I had employed the assistance of her friends and mother and everyone agreed that she wouldn’t care if the diamond was lab-grown.”

He then did his best to explain the reasons behind his choice.

“Over the last week I have explained to her multiple times my reasons for going lab-grown, (It is better for the environment, I know the exact origin of the stone, so I know it isn’t a conflict stone, and ultimately it is better value for the money and I wanted to get her the most beautiful ring possible.) and that lab-grown diamonds are in every way real diamonds and that they are also indistinguishable from natural ones unless you look at their certificate.”

“I have also pointed out that she had no clue and would have never known if I hadn’t told her the price of her ring. But she insists that she can tell a difference and it is just not the same.”

Clearly not, because she didn’t say anything until he told her.

And things only continued to get worse as she made an unreasonable request just a few days after.

“Yesterday she asked me if I would be willing to exchange it for a natural stone of equivalent value. Normally I would be happy to, but I spent months searching for the perfect ring for her, and also, though value was the biggest reason for me, the idea of potentially getting a blood diamond really does sicken me.”

So he said no.

He also added: that “if she wanted to give the ring back and end our relationship, that is fine, but I would not exchange it. She called me an asshole and went to stay the night with her parents. Since then I have received multiple texts from her friends telling me to just acquiesce and exchange the ring (and, ultimately, I will if it means saving the relationship) but I just feel like this is something worth being firm on.”

How unreasonable.

It’s safe to say that they’re not together anymore.

What do you think he should have done? Did he make the right decision?


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