This Mom Gave Her Baby A ‘Claw-Like’ Manicure So People Slammed Her On Social Media

People with money love to shower their newborn baby with luxury. Kardashians love to give their little ones Versace and Hermes clothes in parks and shopping malls. Some people may choose to bring small children to enjoy first-class services like the spa.

Some mothers give their newborn babies a manicure. But this “garbage” mom got a little past that.

A photo of a newborn’s fingernails with 1-inch-long, pointed nail polish went viral on Facebook. Many applaud her mother for manicuring a newborn who could be injured by these nails.

Because young children’s nails grow quickly (it’s still growing and their fingers are short, hello?), if you don’t trim your nails properly, you can easily get hurt with your nails. One mother wrote on her Twitter: “Baby nails are already sharp enough that I can’t even imagine my daughter had her toenails. A difficult pass.”

The sample image posted on Facebook looks like an artificial nail, but it’s too long and has two pointed ends.

The reactions are harsh with many reminding others that these nails are dangerous.

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