This Mother Called Out To Bus Drive Who Kept Making Her Children Cries

A mother feels frustrated after going on an aggressive exchange with the bus driver that drives her kids to school. After asking politely, but firmly, to the bus driver to stop screaming at her kids, she was, instead, replied with a demeaning tone and more shoutings.

She recorded and shared the heated exchange on TikTok under the username cassahfrass1.

Viewed over 34 million times, Cassandra had been dealing with it for over three weeks long.

The viral video has Cassandra asking the driver after telling the kids to have a good day, “Please don’t yell at my kids today.”

While handing out masks, the driver got into a heated exchange with Cassandra, screaming, “I don’t yell at your kids.”

“Yeah, you do,” Cassandra replied.

“Just shut your mouth,” the driver snapped back.

“You’re not gonna talk — Who do you think you are?”

“I’m asking you not to yell at my kids!” she pleads one last time before the door closed while the driver continued ranting on and driving off. She wasn’t sure if she flipped her off, but let’s be honest: that’s the least of our worries right now.

In two subsequent videos, she summed up the backstory and what the school told her.

Even her mom has been involved in telling the bus driver off from being rude to the kids in previous videos. She shared that the school district had been informed and when she asked the garage that hires the driver, they told her the footage had been lost and couldn’t be recovered.

They claim that the bus driver was nice to the kids and was handing them masks. There were no comments about her viral video. In the most recent update, she’s been interviewed by a local news station, and so far, the school has not given any comment.

But a new bus driver seems to be up while the old driver’s status isn’t yet clear.

Negative comments have also prompted her to close the comment sections.

There’s no reason why being a grownup means you have to stand being screamed and disrespected at. So, huge no to these people who don’t understand what seeing your kids coming home crying from being yelled at by the bus driver every day.

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