This Mother Charges Her 7-Year-Old Son Rent, Electricity For His Room, And Internet

Money is vital to living life. In today’s world, where we live, the clothes we wear, what we eat, healthcare, education, child parenting, insurance, and many others; all require money. You’ll agree that it can be extremely challenging to do well in life without a working knowledge of money.

Possibly, this could be the exact reason why a mom from Florida decided to teach her son different aspects of money, charging her 7-Year-Old rent, electricity for his room, internet, and other bills. Taking to TikTok, the mom shared a video, and in it, she explained that the parenting hack since incorporated past two months has been successful.

This mum revealed she charges her seven-year-old son for rent and other bills.

“I have a 7-year-old. He has a daily task list that he must complete on a daily basis. Should he complete everything on his task list, he gets a dollar pay. At the end of the month, he realizes that he has bills to pay. He pays those bills to me. He has his rent, he has electricity for his room, and he also has his internet for iPad. The mom with the username @craftdandcozy said.

The 7-year-old has a list of tasks that he has to complete on a daily basis. Once done, he gets $1 per day.

She added that her son understands that throughout the month, he has two buckets – his ‘fun’ money and his ‘bill money; hence it’s up to his responsibility to categorize his money and where he’s going to put it into those buckets before the end of the month. “I don’t do anything with his money but put it right back into his savings.” The mom insisted.

The tasks include brushing his teeth, making his bed, and putting his dirty clothes in the laundry.

“It has taught him the value of a dollar and responsibility. I’m so pleased with the results. Hopefully, it’s something that can help you out as well. Essentially, yes, he is paying the bill. It’s worked wonders in my household. It may not work in yours, but he’s paying himself. That goes to his savings, which he’s gonna get one day.”

The mom stated if she sees he’s challenged in some areas, that goes on his task list the following week.

“So here’s his task list, we’ve got: make the bed, brush your teeth, clean your bathroom, put your dirty clothes in the bin. If I see that he’s being challenged in any area, for instance, if he gets out of the shower, drops the towel right next to the towel hook, it’s going on his task list next week. His bills: rent $5, electricity $2, WiFi $2. Total bills: $9.”

“I am so pleased with the results, hopefully, it’s something that can help you out as well.”

@craftdandcozy noted her son’s bills are in total just 30% of his minimum income and that they haven’t run into the problem of him not paying his bills. She concluded: “But I truly can say what I believe I’ll do, is give an extension for the next month and then have that conversation at that time.” The video has since gone viral, but not everyone feels the parenting method is incredible. But as expected, many applauded the mom for teaching her kid vital life skills.

So far, the parenting method has left the internet divided – Many applauded the mom for the life lessons.

But a few people claimed her son is too young to put through such

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