This Mother Spends £35,000 To Ink Her Full Body And Became Britain’s Most Inked Woman

Body modifications and tattoo has always gained popularity overages.

This practice of body modification has always been in society and can even be traced back to the ancient period where scarification and medieval tattoo techniques can be seen.

In today’s generation, getting a tattoo can be as easy as buying a piece of bread. The number of tattoo parlors has skyrocketed over the years due to the popularity of the craft over time.

For some who haven’t got any tattoos yet, it can be scary. But for those who already experienced being inked, tattoos can become an obsession and a sense of pain that you will long for.

There are some who can control it but there are real people who prove that body is the limit – as long as there is space in their skin, they will continue getting inked.

That is why recently, a mom from Britain was hailed as Britain’s Most Inked Woman after having 95% of her body inked which generally cost her to spend a whopping amount of £35,000. It is by far a cost hobby to be into!

Becky Holt, Cheshire-based 33-year-old new mom, had her body almost entirely covered with tattoos and though she is absolutely loving her inks, she still gets a lot of hurtful comments from people because of her appearance.

Even though tattoo has become normal in the society, most people would still judge people who gets an excessive amount of inks in their body and generally referring it as taboo.

In her interview on a local TV show, This Morning, Becky Holt told the local news interviewer that she had tattoos on her face, armpits and even to his intimate “lady parts.” But amongst all the tattoo sessions she had, the worst pain she endured was on her armpits.

She explained that the most painful place to get a tattoo was the armpit. Moreover, she added, “I’ve got all my pits, all my crotch, all my intimate area done, that was horrific but bearable.”

Moreover in her interview, Becky revealed that her first tattoo was when she was still then 15-years old. And the design of her tattoo was the name of her then-boyfriend which was tattooed across her crotch!

For a first tattoo, that spot claims for a brave young woman.
Becky recently gave birth to her first child last December of 2020.

But before giving birth, she participated in a social experiment to see how people would interact with her when she is showing her tattoos, compared to when her tattoos are covered.

In the said social experiment, it was found out that people would most likely assist her when she was not displaying her usual tattoos.

After the experiment, she shared her experience where she said

“People were just more inclined to help me [with my tattoos covered], it was to see how different people treated me when I asked for questions or for help and people were really, really rude to me when I had tattoos, I think people think it’s a bit thuggish and is scared of me.’

It seems that society still cannot fully embrace people who chose to design themselves in full tattoos.

For Becky, she went all out with her tattoos when she was just 22 years old. That was the moment she decided to make her tattoo designs bolder and fiercer.

And she is definitely rocking the look.

How about you, do you have tattoos of your own?

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