This Myanmar Woman, 23, Stunned The Internet With Her Tiny 13.7 Inches Waist

A woman from Myanmar has made an impression online with her very slim waist, which she finds very natural. Su Naing, 23, said her waist was just 13.7 inches, allegedly one of the smallest in the world.

Sui, a university student, also says that her incredible proportions are a result of her natural slimness since she shared photos of her hourglass figure on Instagram. However, she is accused of editing photos, including taking steps like removing ribs to achieve a slim physique.

Su Naing, 23, has become an online impression with her 13.7in waistline

But continually, Su has defended herself maintaining that she doesn’t edit her photos but eat healthily while also revealing that her waist can be traced down to her genetics.

I am in a healthy disposition. I keep to a healthy diet hence there’s nothing to actually worry about. I personally don’t think there’s something wrong with how I look. I love sharing photos and flaunting my looks. The compliments so far are flattering as a few agree it’s a beautiful look.’ Su explained.

While the NHS had opined that people should aim for a healthy waistline of 31.5in or less, the present Guinness World Record holder for the title ‘World’s Smallest Waist’ measure 13inches – Ethel Granger from the United Kingdom. Ethel revealed she had undergone a lifetime of waist training, putting on corsets every day in a bid to shape her midriff.

Nevertheless, women with similarly tiny waist have confessed having their ribs removed in order to attain the shape. Besides, it’s understood Su’s waistline hasn’t been independently verified as some of her photos on Instagram do appear to show editing around the waist.

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