This New Mother Cried Because No One Attended Her Baby Shower, Not Even Her Own Mom

Annie, a mom-of-one, was recently left heartbroken and embarrassed after not one person showed up to her baby shower. Someone else had wholly planned the baby shower on her behalf and claimed she had invited many people who all said they would be attending. More painful, even her mother didn’t show up.

Annie, a new mom, was left in tears when no one turned up at her baby shower.

Sharing the incident on TikTok, Annie, with the username @agkrogmeier01, was seen in tears while holding her newborn baby. In her caption, she wrote: “Had a baby shower today just to wait there looking stupid and end up having nobody show.”

She had invited many people who said they would be attending – not even her mom showed up.

Annie’s post instantly went viral, and her followers expressed their opinion on the subject matter without hesitation. While a few people offered support to the new mom, some offered to send her gifts right away; many suggested that her story didn’t quite add up.

Many people have seen expressed their sympathy, with many even offering to send gifts her way.

“So a family member planned this, invited people, and literally not one person showed up? Definitely not doubting your story; seems bizarre.” One person wrote. In response, Annie reiterated: “That is why I was so surprised and disappointed, I invited a good amount of people, and nobody showed.”

However, others who expressed sympathy suggested that she finds somewhere with love and support as blood doesn’t sometimes equal love all of the time. Another added: “Just remember your baby loves you more than anyone else ever could. Honor that baby by doing better for your baby than your mum did for you. That’s what I’m doing for my daughter.”

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