This Newborn Baby Clings To Mothers Face Seconds After Birth, And The Video Will Warm Your Heart

This adorable video captures the first moments of a baby’s life, as he clings to his mother’s face, rubbing her cheeks and screaming whenever someone tries to let go of her hand. The newborn, who apparently found the transition to life outside the womb a bit of a rough awakening, refused to let his mother go after giving birth by caesarean section and was presented to his mother for skin-to-skin contact. When the nurse tried to take the baby away to clean it up, the baby cried and would not stop until it was returned to its mother.

Love at first contact: The baby clings to his mother’s face moments after being born.

The baby screams as he is removed from mom’s face, in order to be cleaned up by nurses.

Not a happy baby: The baby does not seem to think he should be doing anything except clinging to his mommy. Eventually the nurse removes the baby who hollers in protest at his temporary separation from mommy.

Here is the video

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