This Rich Guy Takes His Girlfriend On Expensive Vacation And Waits For Her To Pay Her Share And Asks If He Was Wrong

Some people are very narrow. They are usually men who don’t really pay attention to the people around them. In fact, they were never taught, or had a need to, because they have been the intended audience for years.

A 29-year-old man reached out to Reddit to find out if he was wrong taking his girlfriend on a luxurious vacation. Because he actually starved her to death during the holidays, and even he decided to stay behind her when they went out to party.

“AITA for inviting my girlfriend on an expensive vacation and expecting her to pay all of her share?”

Yeah, you have got to be super dense or raised under a rock to act like this. Someone you love is eating less than usual, has her stomach grumbling at midnight, and explicitly told you she worked more hours to afford going out with you. Yet, you didn’t think that she might be starving?

It’s not that people are being materialistic, but it’s not going to kill someone if they, say, surprise their girlfriend with a nice lunch during a vacation. Because, I don’t know, they love each other? And that you’re not supposed to leave said person starving in her bedroom while you go out partying?

It’s really not rocket science for many people to see that they’re really not fit for each other. Unless the guy learns from this vacation to appreciate just how hard his girlfriend works and loves him, she is really better off with someone who doesn’t force her out of her way to starve on vacation.

It wasn’t hard to see who’s in the wrong here.

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