This Shop Is All-Female Auto Shop And This Is Encouraging Females To Have Knowledge About Fixing Cars

Patrice Banks profoundly understands what it’s like to be a stranger in the automotive industry. She has had a successful first career as a materials engineer but knew nothing about cars and remembers being intimidated by the men she had to take her vehicle to for repairs. Eventually, she decided her car ignorance is enough, went to school to become a mechanic, and birthed “Girls Auto Clinic.”

Patrice Banks launched ‘Girls Auto Clinic’ to have more women of color into the car repair business.

The repair shop staffs its garage with female mechanics and views women as its primary clientele.

This one-stop-shop in Philadelphia is now a unique location to get your car serviced. And as you might have thought, it mainly has ladies as its team, who are equally delighted to teach women about their vehicles and how to take care of them. The shop has equally encouraged women to be #sheCANics, a hashtag Patrice often uses to describe herself.

Patrice has given speeches about bringing women into the auto industry & teaching them to care for their cars.

Apart from this, the Auto shop has another thing to make women feel good about themselves. It recently launched a Clutch Beauty Bar, which provides a range of salon services while you wait for your car. Clutch offers services, including pedicures, blowouts, and even manicures. Not only will your vehicle be good, but your look is also enhanced.

Patrice has also unveiled her Clutch Beauty Bar, which provides salon services while clients wait for their cars.

It offers services offers such as manicures, pedicures, and blowouts. Isn’t that incredible?

Particularly, Patrice wants to change the relationship women have with the automotive industry. One of her goals, according to Diply, is for women visiting her shop to feel relaxed about their whole experience. However, Patrice has written a car guide for women and has been giving speeches about the importance of women in the auto industry.

Patrice wants to change the relationship women have with the automotive industry. So far, she’s nailing it!

Her years of working in the industry have taught her that it can be quite a lucrative career opportunity for women of color. You will agree that black women are generally not encouraged to pursue jobs working with cars and are even discouraged from entering due to the unfair treatment by mechanics. But then, Patrice is changing this conception, and as seen, she’s WINNING!

She’s scaling up her mechanic brand with hopes to expand her message of empowering women (both national and global).

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