This Sisters Noticed A Lady In Front Of Them Is Texting Another Man Told Husband Via A Note

Four years ago, two sisters – Delana and Brynn went to the Turner Field for an Atlanta Braves Game and sat directly behind a couple wearing caps and red tops.

As the game progresses, the two siblings could not help but deduce that the woman who was sitting with her husband was busy texting another man via her cell phone. And they saw it all via the woman’s phone screen.

The siblings believed the wife was sending romantic and sexually charged text to another man who had been saved in her contacts as Nancy while her husband was sitting next to her totally ignorant.

The two sisters couldn’t avoid the situation when they saw the situation and did something unexpected. Delana and Brynn decided to embarrass the allegedly delusional woman. The two siblings – Atlanta Braves fan and criminal partners had been waiting for a normal ball game, but they couldn’t help but notice what was going on with the pair.

Fortunately, they got a good shot from the lens of the woman’s mobile phone. And in addition, they wrote a note on the program of the baseball game and secretly handed it over to the husband of the woman when the wife did not look.

“Your wife is cheating on you. Look at Nancy’s messages on her phone! Sorry, just thought you should have an idea of what’s going on!’ The handed note reads. However, one of the sisters wrote down her mobile number and asked the man to immediately call her if the wife happens to delete the messages before seeing them.

On handling over the note to the husband as wanted to leave, the man looked at it and then gave the sisters a thumb finger in response. The husband allegedly sent Delana a text message in less than 30mins and requested to see the images in question.

Sharing the whole incident on Twitter, the story of the cheating wife and her unknown husband quickly gone viral and several readers have tagged the sisters as heroes.

On the other hand, were the sisters right or wrong?


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