This Sweet Man Suffering From Dementia Proposes To His ‘Girlfriend’ Who Is Actually His Wife Of 12 Years

Dementia is a broad category of brain disorders that cause a long-term, and often gradual, decline in the ability to think and remember. The effects are large enough to affect a person’s daily functioning and can be heartbreaking for those around them as they watch their loved one gradually lose vital parts of their personality and memories of their relationship.

Anne Duncan’s loving husband, Bill, has lived with dementia for 9 years and no longer recognizes her as her wife. Heartbreaking as it must be, Anne has lovingly stayed by Bill’s side and recently received the best surprise.

While Bill can no longer understand their common past, he has fully embraced the present, and the love that is so clearly deep in his heart has become clear again! He simply shows that true love cannot be suppressed and he will always find a way to express himself no matter what obstacles get in his way.

Because while dementia poses challenges for any relationship, it doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy active and fulfilling lives. With love, care, patience, and understanding, people with dementia can thrive and surprise their loved ones, just like Bill did! His second wedding touched them both and brought them a wonderful and unexpected gift of happiness that perhaps would never have happened without the support of his family and close friends.

Always remember that anyone living with dementia, despite changes in memory and behavior, is still the same person you used to know. Social isolation only makes the condition worse, so don’t stop interacting with people because they may have a hard time communicating or remembering things. The quality of life depends on the interaction and relationships with others.

Anne is well aware of this, which is why the couple founded the “Boogie in the Bar” initiative, which organizes positive evening dances for people with dementia in the Aberdeen region and North East Scotland. Starting from a single monthly event, now fondly known as the “Original Boogie”, there are now 17 boogies throughout the area helping hundreds of people to “get out, stand up and dance.”

Anne told the South West News Service that dancing is a love shared by the loving couple, something that nurtures their bond and keeps them closer than ever.
“It can be difficult for both you and your partner to adjust to living with dementia, and we are always looking for ways to continue enjoying ourselves,” she said. “We were at a friend’s party last year and when Bill and I hit the dance floor it was like all of our problems melted away.”

“Dancing together helped us forget about dementia in that moment, and it was like my old man was in my arms again, it was beautiful.”

“We knew that I could help other people in similar situations and give them the opportunity to escape their worries, so we founded a club suitable for people with dementia and it was a real success.”

Boogie in the Bar Secretary / Treasurer Eva Connell told us that boogie events “are open to everyone and are a way for people to combat loneliness and social isolation, get together during the day, and be in a warm and welcoming environment. fun in a human environment. ” ”. An environment in which everyone feels welcome and included, regardless of age or disability. ”

“They are a chance to get together with like-minded Boogiers listening, dancing or shuffling in their seat to hits from the 50s right up to present day.”

In October 2017 Boogie in the Bar won the Best Community Support Initiative at Scotland’s Dementia Awards. Great work, Anne and Bill!

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