This White Lady Shares What It’s Like To Be Married With A Black Man

People often don’t realize the privileges they enjoy until they learn what it’s like to live without them. Pamela Chandler, a white woman, knew the importance of the racism that occurred around her once she married her husband, Walter Chandler. After spending several years living and raising children together, she decided it was time to move on with the movement with some enlightening experiences on her part.

Pamela and Walter are happily married for 7 years now and have been blessed with daughter, Jasmine.

She’d taken to Facebook to address how different life is for black people.

She’d also included her family picture to show that those people who march? They’re your simple neighbors who want to live peacefully, too!

Oh, no, pity is now what they want for their happy life. They’ve maneuvered through life well enough to not require pity from strangers online.

But enough is enough. And that was one year ago.

Pamela commented, “I hope when you see those images on the news of riots and destruction, you also remember that the majority of those protesting and fighting for rights are just regular folks like us who want our hearts to be seen. Peaceful, loving families who just want a better world. At the end of the day LOVE HEALS!”

The overwhelming responses they got prompted the family to start a separate page.

The purpose is to create a public forum where people could share and discuss after reading Pamela’s post. The Chandler Crew has more than 11k followers now. Pamela was glad to see how her viral post had allowed many people to be gathered under one page to uplift each other.

Pamela admitted that the popularity had also attracted trolls, “We end up getting A LOT of negative comments BUT we choose to focus on the POSITIVE ones.”

“This post has opened eyes and resonated with so many people and for that I’m eternally grateful.”

People are eternally grateful for her honest, eye-opening post that many multi-racial couples relate to.

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