This Woman Creates Similar Dolls For Children With Disabilities And Touches Everyone’s Heart

A doll means the whole world when you are a child. But imagine how it would feel if your stuffed friend didn’t look like you. Especially when a child is unique in his beautiful way.

Amy Jandrisevits from Wisconsin makes sure no child feels different. She has been creating dolls that look like her handicapped little owners for quite some time, in all shapes and forms, with unique bodily features and conditions.

We wrote about her wonderful project “A Doll Like Me” a year ago when she was just starting out. Today, her unique dolls bring joy to children around the world. With almost 43,000 likes on her Facebook page, Amy has warmed hearts like no medicine could.

Former social worker Amy is sewing dolls that look just like kids with disabilities for her non-profit “A Doll Like Me”

Every kid can feel loved and included just by looking at their plushy dolls’ faces

According to Today, Amy made her first doll like me about 5 years ago when her friend’s son, who is transgender, was in transition. When the friend posted the photo online, people asked Amy if she could make one for her kids, too.
“It’s really hard to say to a child, ‘You are perfect who you are’, and develop self-esteem that way, but never offer them what you seem,” she said. “Let’s change the story.”

Despite a two-year waiting list, Amy puts all her love and attention on every doll she has ever made. “They invite me into such an intimate part of family life,” she told People, “I love that connection.”

Each doll is custom made on her living room table, as Amy is a housewife with a very good instinct for the toy market. She is also an avid doll collector and former child oncology social worker who has managed to combine her passion for social work and doll crafts.

Amy is hoping her project could inspire a change towards inclusivity and representation

Amy, who’s a mom herself, has put all her heart into sewing dolls from home

People praised Amy for her beautiful mission

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