This Woman Left Stuck In Her Dress While Home Alone And Things Went Quickly From Bad To Worse

We all feel stuck at one time or another! It could be a bad relationship, in the wrong job or even in a DRESS! Whatever the situation, feeling stuck doesn’t make anyone feel good about themselves. And Yes, TikTok user Mandy can tell of the sheer panic that comes with being stuck trying to get off a dress that won’t budge.

You possibly can relate to Mandy’s panic when she tried to get off her dress that won’t budge.

In her now-viral clip, Mandy showed herself struggling to get out of her black body-con dress after returning home from an evening outing. She was home alone, and the situation resulted in an unexpected disaster. It was captioned: “Thinking bout that time, I got stuck in a dress and had send a video to my boyfriend to get him to come home from work to cut me out.”

She sent a video to her BF begging him to come to help her, which she later shared on TikTok

In the video, she was heard saying: “You need to see this,” telling her BF as she struggled to move the dress past her shoulders. She added: “I’m actually really stuck.” Pulling at the dress threatened to take her bra with it, so she stated: “I’ll try not to flash you, so I’ll turn around.” But after more attempts, she breathlessly said: “I need help!”

Bad to worse: Mandy got knocked into the bathtub by her dog. It’s quite a disaster!

But thankfully, she suffered no injury, just a pain in the head, as seen in the video.

Being exhausted, Mandy perched on the edge of the bath, and it was at this time her dog jumped up to her aid. But surprisingly, Mandy fell backward into the tub. She revealed it had taken her five years to summon up the courage to share the clip, writing: “It had no zipper, and I saw stars/my life flash before my eyes.” So far, many among her audience found the struggle relatable, while a few were left in hysterics.

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