This Woman Tries Same Size Pants From Different Brands To Prove They’re Not The Same

You may call yourself a size 9 or 10, but you probably have encountered more than once when clothes in those sizes just don’t fit you. Sometimes they’re too huge; sometimes they’re too small. And that shows that the fashion industry is still far from ideal for people.

Prominent fashion lover, Emma Storey from the UK, decided to try on size 12 pants from different brands to see how they fit.

A pair of trousers from River Island in size 12 couldn’t even go past her hips.

A size 12 from F&F almost made it, but she couldn’t button them up.

The two-part video shows that you really don’t need to be so hung up over numbers when shopping for clothes. The fashion industry doesn’t have standardization, and she proves how irrelevant numbers can be!

In her first video, River Island’s pair of blue jeans in size 12 snugged in nicely on her. She could barely button another pair from Zara in the same size. A white pair of trousers from New Look, however, fit like a glove.

In the second video, she could barely pull up a pair of red trousers past her hips from River Island. Neither did the white trousers from F&F fit her.

The 27-year-old shares this picture to help fellow women stop fixating on numbers.

“The photo above shows two different sized jeans, both from River Island. Funnily enough, the size 12 fits, and the size 14 doesn’t,” said Emma in one of her posts. “This is a PRIME EXAMPLE of why you shouldn’t fixate on sizes.”

“YOU are not the problem, and them numbers do not define you! So what if you have to go up a size, if it’s a perfect fit and it makes you feel good, it doesn’t matter what is on that label.”

Her followers thank her for the reminder as they agree wholeheartedly with it. One wrote, “So true. Size is just a number. Clothes should fit us not the other way around.”

Another added her own experience, “You are so right on this. Depending on the brands, I’m two different sizes and just go with what fits better.
As long as it makes you feel good.”

One shared, “The fact that I’m a 34 in jeans at Levi’s which is a size 20, but a 14 at H&M and a 16 at Forever 21 and an 18 at Target.”


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