This Woman Won $25,000 Trip Around Australia, Left Boyfriend At Home To Go With A Stranger

Sexual relationships are sensitive and indeed finding the right person, who’ll accept your flaws and the good side is quite challenging. A lot of people after finding the right person, on the other hand, tend to even lose him or her with just one silly mistake. This article is hinged on both happiness and heartbreak, a sort of multi-dimensional story.

A woman, identified as Natalie Otto, 25, couldn’t curtail her happiness when she discovered she had won a $25,000 trip traveling around Australia. She was very much overwhelmed but did took a weird decision of leaving her boyfriend back at home. Her win included snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, a tour of skydiving over Bryon Bay as well as abseiling off cliffs in Brisbane.

The lottery was a great package but, however, there was a companion Natalie decided to go with. Tom Cunningham, a total stranger was the companion chosen by Natalie. Fortunately, she had a boyfriend residing in Melbourne but chose to pick up the adventure trip while leaving out her boyfriend.

Shockingly, her boyfriend was all cool about it, permitting her to follow her decisions and dreams. ‘My boyfriend has honestly got a little bit of flack about the whole adventure deal. All of my friends and loved ones have asked him how he feels about me traveling with another man. He showed to be super supportive.’ Natalie had said in an interview with Today Show.

Sharing an update on Facebook, Boyf Callum Hulst, Natalie’s boyfriend stepped in defending his girlfriend after facing quite a backlash on the internet. ‘I am very proud that Natalie got the chance of a lifetime to travel around Australia and promoting everything tourism and an adventure has to offer.’ Natalie’s boyfriend wrote.

Also reacting, Tom – Natalie’s travel mate also insisted that there was nothing wrong going on and that they were simply just travel mates. ‘Nothing transpired and the only romantic elements were the spots we lodged in. Regardless, if she was single, I would ask her out in a heartbeat, immediately after the tour.’ Tom explained.



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