This Young Girl Felt Embarrassed When She Came To Know That Her Ordered Jumpsuit Was So Transparent

Mollie had planned to buy something nice to wear for bottomless brunch in Manchester. So eventually, she opted for a full black bodysuit from PrettyLittleThing with a belt, white handbag, and white heels. But little did she know, the outfit was showing off more than she originally had thought.

Mollie opted for this classy outfit for a bottomless brunch in Manchester.

It’s pretty safe to say that she got more than she bargained, especially as she only realized her bum was out when already wearing it out. “When you think you’ve bought a classy outfit, but it’s from PLT, and you haven’t been outside yet,” Mollie said in a TikTok clip, where she showed a variety of pics of herself in the outfit.

But little did she know that the back of the outfit from PrettyLittleThings was completely transparent.

Mollie bought a full black bodysuit with a belt, white heels, and a white handbag.

She also showed a view of her derriere as she walked in broad daylight. And as seen, the outfit was downright sheer, and you can clearly see her underwear and most of her bum. So far, the video has attracted thousands of views but most commended Mollie about her look.

The outfit was sheer enough as you could see her underwear and most of her bum.

One person wrote: “You pull it off, though! You look amazing!!” Another said: “Yehh but girl, you pull it off, so all good.” While a third added: “You totally pulled that off.” A few people weren’t startled that the item of clothing wasn’t of very good quality. One said: “Why PLT is so popular is beyond me, everything is so see-through.”

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