This Young Guy Eating KFC Wings In The Middle Of Vegan Protest

Outside Sydney City Hall, a vegan group called Cube of Truth protested the meat industry by showing videos of animals being slaughtered in the middle of the sidewalk. They are in a very popular part of town with lots of locals and tourists passing by. In this way, the vegan group gets the attention it wants. Well, things started to change and a man showed up doing what the vegan group deems despicable. It definitely got a boost from the crowd. The vegan protesters were less enthusiastic to say the least. See.

Cube of Truth is a vegan group that has decided to organize a legal protest outside Sydney Town Hall in a very lively part of the city.

Vegan protesters mounted TV screens on stands and chests. TV shows videos of animals being slaughtered for the food industry.

That’s when this guy shows up. He’s feasting on a big box of finger lickin’ Kentucky Fried Chicken right in front of the protestors and the crowd watching gets quite the rise about it.

A lot of people are upset with his actions, calling them childish and provoking. Others say he is just casually enjoying a box of chicken.

All in all, I’d say that the vegan protestors took things quite well. The crowd around seemed to love it though. What are your thoughts? Was he just trolling? The smile on his face says yes to me.

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