This Young Lady Found Out That She Was Pregnant At 19 After Wetting Herself In A Store

At age 19, Brenna Huckaby discovered she was pregnant, having wet herself in the middle of a supermarket aisle while shopping for groceries. The now professional snowboarder had thought it was a result of either anxiety or a UTI, but following an appointment with a doctor, she was, in fact, FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT.

Brenna Huckaby realized she was pregnant at 19 after wetting herself in a supermarket.

Taking to TikTok to share this story, the US-based insisted she had no idea she was expecting, especially as she had been previously told she was infertile and was taking birth control. “I can’t believe I’m telling this story on the internet.” Brenna, who has a prosthetic leg, said in one of her now-viral clips.

She continued: “When I was 19, I had just qualified for the US National Snowboarding team and moved into a new apartment with my puppy. I went shopping at Walmart with my puppy; I had to use the moto vroom carts bc [sic] my prosthetic leg wasn’t fitting due to weird swelling. When I was looking at coffee filters, I had the urge to pee.”

She had no idea she was pregnant and thought she was suffering from a UTI or anxiety.

“I left Walmart as fast as I could and called my mom because I was so anxious that there was something wrong with me. She told me to call the doctor to check for a UTI.” Brenna explained she booked herself into the doctors for two days, and amid test, they found no UTI but did found glucose in her urine. A diabetes test was conducted, but it turned out negative.

The professional snowboarder was so sure she wouldn’t be pregnant due to multiple infertility diagnoses.

But when the test returned, Brenna was indeed FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT!

The now 25-Year-Old added: “They wanted to send me home, but I quickly googled protein in urine while I was waiting and saw pregnancy could be possible. I told the doctor, but I assured her there’s no way I would be pregnant due to multiple infertility diagnoses, and I’m on birth control. The test came back. I wasn’t only pregnant, but I was five months pregnant.”

At age 20, the now 25-Year-Old gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Here girls remain are the biggest motivation in life and the reason she’s still here today.

Presently, Brenna is now a mom to a beautiful girl, who she shares with her now-husband. When she found out she was pregnant, she admitted being unhappy, but her daughter is now the best thing to have happened to her. As expected, thousands fled to the comments, with many quizzing at how the mom had no clue she was pregnant while a few shared similar stories.

It turned out, Brenna got married to her Baby Daddy in 2019 and has welcomed a 2nd daughter (pictured above).

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