This Young Lady is Best Friend With Fiancé’s Daughter Who’s Only One Year Younger Than Her

The age gap is something that a lot of people don’t sit well with. But a woman embraces that factor and is even engaged! Iyah, 20 years old, is engaged with 41-year-old Rafal who has a daughter. In addition, she’s also friends with the daughter who’s only one year younger than her!

The couple goes viral with more than 9 million views in this video after people kept asking about their age difference.

The couple has always been open about their age difference since the beginning. Iyah has over half a million followers on TikTok, where she often makes cute clips with her fiancé. She is also a YouTuber and shares about her love life as well as the story of how they first met.

“I thought she was older because she was out in a bar but she wasn’t,” Rafal shared.

On the other side, Iyah said, “I didn’t know how old he was when we started hanging out. We just started hanging out. I was working as a waitress, and I keep seeing this guy staring at me.”

Rafal, who was attracted to her at first glance, couldn’t take his eyes off. He keeps looking at her long enough to get her attention. And soon, she came over to talk to him. Iyah shared that Rafal made it clear he was very interested in her.

“We started talking, and the conversation flew, and he seemed nice. We talked all night, and he asked for my number,” she continued. They were so whipped for each other that as soon as she went over to his place, she’d rarely left that place since.

“He was the full package, I don’t really have a type. We had a lot more in common than we probably thought with the age.”

He finally proposed to her in December 2019, and Rafal’s daughter Celine blessed their relationship. She’s even made appearances in their TikTok videos a couple of times. Celine shared her first reaction upon meeting Iyah, “I was pretty shy, I was pretty nervous. You were prettier than I expected.”

“The age gap doesn’t bother me and it shouldn’t bother anyone else.”

The couple has received a couple of negative comments, but they’re unwavering. “People talking about us being together and them being the same age. It’s not like I had her with me growing up and having friends her age hanging around me,” said Rafal.

“I wasn’t looking for a woman that young; it just happened that way.”

The two are hoping to be able to get married soon and wish to have kids together.

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