This Young Lady Landed In ICU After Her Jean Shorts Gave Her A Wedgie

“Wedgie girl” Sam is called so because of her hilarious, but educative TikTok video about how wearing short jeans on a date led her to weeks at the ICU. And she almost had to give up a part of her bottom to prevent the infection from spreading.

The video has over 8.1 million views now, and it’s about how Sam’s wardrobe choice and the weather just led one thing to another.

Sam shared an experience when she went on a whole day date with her boyfriend three years ago. As the weather was hot, she wore short jeans that were trending back then. But she realized too late that it wasn’t comfortable and decided to put up with it.

She started feeling sick a few days later, and here’s where the hell begins.

Sam shared that her mom had to drive her to the ER because of the pain, and she was in septic shock, which is low blood pressure accompanied by abnormal cellular metabolism.

Cellulitis is a common skin infection that has to be dealt with quickly. CDC explains that good wound care is necessary to prevent it, and antibiotics can deal with it. However, Sam realized it too late, and in her case, it had triggered a life-threatening reaction called sepsis.

Sepsis is when your whole body experiences inflammation which causes organ damages that can lead to failures and even death.

She managed to recover without the surgery four days later. While she relapsed a month later, everything was fine after she took the antibiotics.

But it wasn’t all bad – because three years later, they’re still together and going strong!

Sam shares that a lot was going on in her family back then, and her boyfriend helped take care of her when her mom needed rest. He met her family the first time at the hospital, only two weeks after they dated. He helped brush her teeth, put up her hair, and was “the nicest person” ever.

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