This Young Lady Says “I’m A Proud ‘Housewife’, I’m Married But Sleeps With Other Men – My Husband Loves It”

The swinger lifestyle is gradually becoming a thing! 22-Year-Old Rae Nemetsky describes herself as a Hotwife who freely sleeps with men outside of her marriage but with her husband’s consent. Taking to TikTok, Rae detailed her swinger lifestyle and insisted that her husband loved the idea of her sleeping with other men.

Rae Nemetsky, 22, describes herself as a ‘hotwife’ who sleeps with other men outside her marriage.

According to the young mom, her lifestyle largely falls under the swinging umbrella but insists hers is unique because her husband remains loyal and doesn’t have sex with anyone else. Unarguably, this topic is taboo, and people hardly talk about it, but Rae has decided to raise awareness.

Her husband encourages her to live the lifestyle and loves that she does, but he remains faithful.

In a series of clips, Rae insisted that her man had urged for over a year for her to begin sleeping with other men but was initially uncomfortable with the idea. Eventually, she and her husband agreed that the condition of being a Hotwife is that a relationship doesn’t go beyond just casual sex.

Rae insisted she generally calls the shots, and her husband never makes her do it when she doesn’t want to.

“Hotwifing is usually not chosen by the woman; it is by the man. It’s technically the guy’s kink or fantasy. I tried it because I knew it would make him happy, and that makes me happy.” In one of her videos, Rae said while stressing that she generally calls the shots and that her husband won’t make her do it when she doesn’t want to.

People in the comments had accused her of straying because her husband “can’t give her what she needs.”

She continued: “I’m always the person to set it up and choose the person, so I have a lot of control. If it’s consensual from the husband, it’s not an affair. But it’s not different from when I was single; the big difference is that I come back to my husband at the end of it, and I know he’s happy with me doing it, so that makes me happy.”

So far, Rae has only had three partners outside of marriage despite men regularly sliding into her DMs.

Rae has since hit back at critics who slammed her for straying because her husband can’t give her what she needs. She insisted it wasn’t the case, revealing he’s the best lay she’s ever had. Rae’s husband doesn’t know the men she sleeps with, but she met most on dating sites like Tinder. Similarly, the pair often visit swingers’ clubs where they meet like-minded couples.

In the comments, she has since hit back at critics, insisting her husband is “the best lay I’ve ever had.”

However, like any other average married couple with kids, Rae insisted that hotwifing has made her and her husband stronger and happier. On the other hand, most of her family are aware of her unconventional marriage and follow her on TikTok. So far, Rae has only had three partners outside of marriage, and all had been spaced out – hence she’s constantly meeting other men.

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