This Young Lady Size 16 Failed To Find Anything That Fit To Her Body So She Lashes Out At Major Fashion Brands

Ash, a 16-year-old woman, scolded TikTok after spending all day shopping for clothes. She came home empty-handed because none of them had come.
“Main Street stores are the king of competitors. For reference, I am UK size 16/18!!! Your item does not fit! she complained

She criticizes fast-fashion brands from Zara, River Island, H&M, Primark and Mango.

When angry, she simply begs them to “acknowledge that they hate fat people.” She started her own story. “I went shopping yesterday, do you know what I bought? ”
” I’ll tell you why Zara, River Island, H&M, Primark, Mango – y’all piss me off ”
” you all put my last nerve on my head and I’ll tell you why Stop pretending like that. Say it with a big heart. ”

“Just tell me!”
“I’m tired of going to Zara and picking up XXL, XXL, very large and it’s the same size as my hand. one of my hands! How can I buy 15 ”
” black satin dresses and get one?”

“Sew them all together to get enough material. You’re getting my nerves!” She showed her hand, unable to understand why XXL didn’t suit her.

” And Fat Face … doesn’t even start with Fat Face.”

“Dare you call your store fat-faced, but fat-faced people can’t shop there.”

One girl recounted her experience this way: As a slender woman, I don’t like any of them, and I think it’s really hard to find a pretty normal top! ”

Another person shared their experience with the New Look. “I’ve been to New Look 5 times and can’t find a size larger than 14!! It’s impossible to sell out every time.”
Another post said, “So most of my clothes are M&S… The only thing that suits me at Zara is perfume.
One wrote that he agreed with everything except H&M, and Ash describes his disappointment: “H&M jeans are a joke! I have a size 16/18… H&M, I need to buy a size 22 and the size is narrow! “

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