This Young lady’s Dating Profile Goes Viral After Guy Noticed ‘Unfavorable’ Detail In Photos

Ah, the Tinder love stories. Because of the lockdown, love is in the digital air as people get used to using pickup lines. At least that’s what Emily thought when suddenly a man asked her a strange question. To her dismay … it was a real question because the man couldn’t contain her curiosity.

‘Are you an amputee?’

After matching with a man named Harry on Tinder, she got asked a very peculiar question. “This may sound weird, but are you an amputee?” asked the man.

Emily thought he was going to shoot his shot, but it turns out it was a real question. To which Emily replied with a crying emoji.

“Look at your photos and tell you wouldn’t think the same. You only ever have 1 arm in them,” Harry explained. After this, it seems that Emily went back to look at her pictures and couldn’t have agreed more. She replied, “I’m howling.”

Because of popular demand, she shared the selfies that got the man thinking she is an amputee.

Surprise, surprise. She really never showed her other hand in her profile pictures, and while that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it… Why would she not show it?

People were absolutely in agreement with the man. She never showed her other hand, and the selfies were always in angles that hide her right hand. Can you really blame the man?

Well, she INDEED… has the other hand.

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