This Young Man Found Out He’s ‘Cousin’ Of His Wife After Taking A DNA Test With Her

To get married to your sibling sounds like a huge ‘EW’ to many people. Your cousin? A few people might give a ‘no comment.’ The further away your blood relation is, the more unrelated you are until it’s distinct enough to be said that you’re not related to each other.

A wife recently asked for a divorce from her husband of 23 years, with whom she had 3 kids, after finding out they were cousins.

6th cousin.

They’re more than kissing cousins.

An issue blown out of proportion might be a better way to describe what happened rather than focusing on the DNA test. As the husband, poster, and wife’s family and friends pointed out, 6th cousin is just a number. Essentially, you’re not actually related with him at all.

They do not share the same grandparent, but great-great-great-great-great grandparent.

“He asked me what I think he should do and, if possible, if I could talk with her,” the friend continued. “I told him to give me a few days to think about it. This request has been keeping me up for several nights.”

Many commentators saw that the woman is overreacting to the result. One explained, “I think she is getting too hung up on language here. They are not “cousins” as most people understand them, and they do not share a “grandparent.” They are two incredibly distant relatives who happen to share a distant common ancestor. If their most recent relative is 7 generations back, that person probably lived in the 1700s.”

Another user added to the point, “It’s possible that Wife has some sort of mental illness that’s she obsessing about this thing that’s not a thing, or she wants out of the marriage and is using this as an excuse.”

Another wrote, “Each person has over a thousand sixth cousins, so kinda silly to freak out over if you have to dig up just to find a connection.”

Some users share their personal experience and opinions.

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