This Young Man Marries To A Rice Cooker And Divorces It Four Days Later

Indonesian man Khoirul Anam went viral after posting his wedding pictures on Facebook. The reason being he was marrying, not a person, but a most-used home appliance in Indonesia: a rice cooker.

Khoirul shares loving pictures of himself marrying a rice cooker.

Anam was dressed in traditional wedding attire, while a veil was put on the “bride.” The nuptial was witnessed by a friend, and an officiate was there to observe the signing of the documents in Magelang, Java.

“Fair-skinned, reserved, quiet, and a good cook. So dreamy. So warm. Can’t cook my rice without you.”

Khoirul tags his Facebook post with “for entertainment,” meaning that it was meant as a joke. However, four days later, he updated that his marriage couldn’t last long.

“My decision is set… It’s not easy, but this is the path I chose. There’s no such thing as a perfect partner.”

Khoirul’s Facebook page is one dedicated to comedic skits and pictures. The man often made jokes and would post silly pictures with funny settings on the caption to entertain his followers.

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