This Young Woman’s Quitting From Toxic Workplace Goes Viral Because Its Hilariously Dramatic

Is posting how you quit your job dramatically on TikTok a wise move? We’ll let you decide as TikTok user Olivia Bason films herself quitting her job mid-shift. The video went viral with more than two million views.

The woman claims that the toxic management had made her so fed up with the job.

She later updated that her boss tried to withhold $300 off her paycheck because she still had the key.

Olivia, however, had offered to mail the key there as she thinks dropping it there in person would be “weird.” But the text message explicitly shows that her boss refused to and wanted to cut $300 off her check.

People were mainly divided because “management sucks” was not a good enough reason for her to make such a massive thing out of quitting it midway.

She later shares what happened when she worked there: “I just felt like I was doing everything, and it was very frustrating.”

She explains that she always ended up doing everything, and her coworkers would “step all over” her. Even when her manager told her that they were staying longer, they always ended up leaving early, and she had to do everything until closing time.

“Yesterday, he was supposed to leave at 5, and then he left at 1.30 because he was too slow,” Olivia explained. Her coworker also left early at 3 for the same reason as her boss.

She captioned, “This happened all the time.”

“I wrote a very long, angry detailed letter to my district manager, just like ranting to him, why I hate this f***ing job,” she explained. “And then an hour later, I was like, okay, I finally had the f***ing balls to just walk out when no one was there.”

Several people who sympathized with her went to troll the place with negative reviews on the shop’s page. While Olivia never mentioned any information about which store it was, people could guess just from several clips in her video. And it has quite the reputation for being a toxic workplace.

In her latest clip, Olivia updated.

People who recognized the shop shared their own horrid working experiences there.

But some people believe she should’ve been more professional about her job.

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