Three weeks before her dream wedding, she was asked if she was an idiot for not letting her sister marry her instead.

The clothes that fall on the wedding day are no exception! An unnamed woman recently uploaded to Reddit her emotionally compelling and candid story of how the wedding of her own dreams fell and flowed into her drama.
The groom, her fiancée, cheated and canceled her wedding in return. The clerk was still unharmed, so the girl’s sister decided to marry her partner and take over her wedding.

But my sister couldn’t handle the whole drama, so she canceled everything. After she shared her story on Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole’ community, she asked if she was acting like an idiot when the woman told her sister she said NO.

An Unidentified Woman Asked Redditors What They Thought About Her Decision

With over 13,800 likes and multiple awards, most Redditors said she was completely right. But some have said it would be beneficial to have her sister do her wedding ceremony. Others have also mentioned how important it is to deal with similar situations so as not to spoil the relationship with the whole family for a very long time.

Events, including weddings, can heighten family drama as the emotions and characters can be very intense, so it’s important to know how to best handle these scenarios. Celebrant Society’s

Sarah and Anna spoke to Bored Panda on how to best handle family drama. relation. and friends”.

Reddit Users Thoughts

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