What Getting Ready For Vacation Really Looks Like

We came across a brilliant post by whencrazymeetsexhaustion of jobs that women do before a holiday vs what men do. We decided to make our own list and add a few extra things to the list that we could think of. Of course this is just a little bit of fun, and in no way is it meant to offend anyone.

Here’s what getting ready for a holiday looks like in our household.

-Books holiday
-Arranging day trips/excursions
-Checks weather
-Packs my own stuff
-Packs kid’s stuff
-Packs my husbands stuff
-Packs snacks
-Makes arrangements for pet care
-Cleans house
-Empties dishwasher
-Envisions every possible scenario (injury,illness) and packs accordingly
-Charges phones and packs all chargers
-Uses up all food in fridge
-Check all windows and doors are locked
-Calls family to say goodbye
-Asks neighbours to keep eye on house
-Gets all passports together

My husband…
-Finds a chore entirely unrelated to our trip,deeming it of the utmost importance and insists it must be completed before departure
-Asks why I’m not ready

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