What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Wearing Underwear

Have you been thinking of going commando? To be candid, there will come a time an underwear every-day kind of person will venture all out without thinking twice. As a cool breeze blows and moves through that region, you might even be left asking why you haven’t been going commando all along. And with the many benefits of not wearing underwear, you also might opt to skip this part of getting dressed daily more often. Is wearing undies as much of a routine as breathing for you?

There are undeniably numerous reasons why and occasions when wearing underwear is a good idea. It protects clothes from vaginal discharge and blood while also protecting the vaginal area from irritation. But then going commando seems to do more good than harm. While it might get a little uncomfortable initially, being consistent will result in plenty of health benefits after a few weeks. Equally, you will get more comfortable over time. Without any further ado, discussed below are what happens to your body when you stop wearing undies. Have a look!

Less Irritation And Chafing.

It isn’t a bad idea to stop wearing underwear entirely or at least occasionally if you’re suffering from irritation and chafing. When your underwear is tight, irritation and chafing of the vaginal area can occur due to the friction generated. Healthline reported that friction occurs when the underwear you’re wearing is made up of artificial fabrics, which can chafe and irritate the skin, including the labia, thereby exposing you to bleeding or injury. According to the Sun, you’re more susceptible to chafing or injury if you’re menopausal.

Improved Blood Circulation.

The stop of underwear helps improve your blood circulation. The Los Angeles Times reported that wearing tight underwear for a long time can result in unwanted tingling in the vaginal area due to poor blood circulation. It turned out there’s a condition called Meralgia Paresthetica, which transpires when there is too much pressure on nerves that run through the groin, causing tingling and numbness. However, not wearing pants that can cut off one’s circulation can help prevent the condition, as mentioned earlier.

Reduced Risk Of Developing A UTI Or Yeast Infection

No woman enjoys an infection. It can be annoying, itchy, and, importantly, disgracing. However, it turns out that not wearing underwear can reduce your chances of developing a urinary tract or yeast infection, especially for people who suffer regular bouts of vaginal infection. In an interview with Well+Good, Dr. Nini Mai revealed panties ‘can trap excess moisture and microbes,’ which can create a moist environment for Candida, a fungus that causes yeast infections.

According to Healthline, this can occur while sleeping or at the gym, especially if you’re wearing non-breathable panties. According to Bustle, panties can cause a UTI as the material might help spread bacteria from the rectum to the tract. This is considered valid with thongs, and while there’s no hard proof that links wearing no underwear to fewer yeast infections, Healthline reports say it’s not a bad idea to go commando as a precaution.

Increased Chances Of Micro-Cuts.

When you stop wearing underwear during a workout, you might increase the risk of micro-cuts, also known as Vaginal Fissures. As reported by Bustle, Vaginal Fissures are as painful as it sounds and is often caused by the stretching or irritation of the skin. In particular, it can happen if you’re doing repetitive workouts in improper gear without underwear. So it’s important to wear breathable yet soft pants while exercising. Speaking with HuffPost, OB-GYN Scott Osmun said: “The material causes more friction and irritation and any friction or irritation can make little cuts or microabrasions in your skin, and those cuts can lead to bacterial infections, which can cause discomfort, itching, redness, and pain.”

Less Vaginal Discharge.

Discharge is a combination of bacteria, vaginal skin cells, mucus, and fluid from the cervix and vagina. As OB-GYN Jennifer Paul explained to Self, you can experience less vaginal discharge if you stop wearing underwear, especially the non-cotton panties. OB-GYN Falguni Patel explained that underwear might prevent proper ventilation in the lady parts, leading to more discharge. And if a discharge is a result of antibiotics or stress, it can lead to an infection.

Less Digestive Issues

If you regularly suffer from digestive issues, including acid reflux, going commando can significantly help. As reported by DailyMail, tight underwear can cause pressure on the stomach and, as a result, push acid into the esophagus, resulting in a digestive condition. If you also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, tight shapewear can worsen the symptoms, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. In a nutshell, shapewear isn’t good for you, and deciding to stop wearing underwear every day is vital.

Reduced Risk Of Experiencing Skin Allergic Reactions.

Fox News reported that not wearing underwear can prevent itchy allergic reactions. Most at times, panties cause a rash named contact dermatitis; it’s often a skin’s reaction to specific chemicals, preservatives, fabrics, and dyes found in underwear, including Latex. One good way to prevent an allergic reaction is to wear latex-free underwear that’s hypoallergenic. The Considerable also reported that laundry detergent could cause an allergic reaction. So if you are sensitive down there, going commando might be the best thing for your lady parts.

Better Breathe.

Ditching underwear before bedtime isn’t difficult, and the practice could help your lady parts take a relaxing break, especially if you have worn underwear during the day. According to OB-GYN Alyse Kelly-Jones, the Vagina needs fresh air most of the time. The nightly routine is considered helpful for women who are susceptible to vaginal infections. As earlier discussed, your underwear can trap moisture, and such a wet environment is where bacteria grew and causes yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

Susceptibility To Public Bacteria.

If you don’t wear underwear during the day, you might, however, introduce your lady part to public bacteria if not careful. Bustle reported that there are chances of foreign bacteria contacting the skin if a skirt or dress mistakenly hikes up on a public bus or at a subway seat. This doesn’t have to discourage going commando; be careful when keeping your skirt down. According to Cosmopolitan, pants can provide the barrier needed to keep you from any bugs when at the gym or when planning to sit on a workout bench or bike seat.

Remove Wet Clothes Immediately After A Workout.

Staying wet in gym clothes post-workout is not advisable. OB-GYN Alysaa Dweck told Shape that Yeast and bacteria tend to thrive in moist, dark, warm places such as in the genital area confined in tight non-breathable material during and post-workout. It’s advised to change out yoga pants or leggings following any workout immediately. Health also reported it’s just as essential to wash your workout pants after every use if you decide to go commando.

Strong Smell During Workout.

It’s safe to go underwear-free to the gym or for morning free, but then you might at a point observe a strong smell coming out from the lady parts. According to Shape, when you are panty-free, there’s no barrier between you and your workout shorts or pants, so instead of sweat-hitting underwear, it goes straight to your pants, resulting in the observation of a sweaty odor you naturally will hate. A quick wash-up remains a life-saver.

Going Panty-Free Will Make You Consider What You’re Wearing.

If you a fan of loose-fitting pajamas or something comfortable, not wearing underwear is fine, especially as it will allow your private parts to breathe. OB-GYN Christine Greves told Refinery29 that being free from chafing and irritation is mainly dependent on what pants you’re wearing. And according to Self, you can expose your lady part to irritation as the tough fabric can rub against and put pressure on the vulva. If you often wax or shave, it’s advised to opt for a skirt, dress, or loose pants if you stop wearing underwear every day.

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