What is motivation and what can we do to increase it every day

We often hear how important it is to be motivated to achieve what you set out to do. In times of crisis it seems that a double dose of motivation is needed

We often hear how important it is to be motivated to achieve what you set out to do. Moreover, in times of crisis, it seems that it takes a double dose of motivation to get to such a precious place. Motivation is an internal state that activates, directs and maintains the behavior of the person towards specific goals or ends; It is the impulse that moves the person to carry out certain actions and persist in them for their completion. Motivation is what gives energy and direction to behavior, it is the cause of behavior. Motivation is a process that goes through several phases. Initially, the person anticipates that they will feel good (or stop feeling bad) if they achieve a goal. In a second time, it is activated and begins to do things to achieve that goal. As you walk towards it, you will be evaluating if you are on the right track or not, that is, you will give a performance feedback. And lastly, you will enjoy the result.

There are days when you can notice a lot of energy and others when it costs a lot

There are many individual differences in what motivates each person and in the strength of their motives. That is, each person has their own motivations that can be very different from those of the rest. Also, there are people who have a lot of energy to achieve their goals and others who do not have so much. Persistence is another variable that not all human beings have equally. Motivation is dynamic, it is in constant flux, it is a state of perpetual growth and decline. There are days when you can notice a lot of energy to fight for something and others when it takes a lot to start a behavior. Taking into account the complex characteristics of motivation processes, there are some things that can be done to increase it.

What things can you do to increase your motivation?

Develop a good action plan. Divide your final goal into small subgoals. These will be milestones that you will achieve and you will feel that they bring you closer to your final goal. Don’t forget to celebrate each one of them.
Save your physical and psychic energy to use it in what you really want to achieve. Don’t waste it on things that take you away or distract you from your goal.
Don’t skimp on efforts and decisions. That is, if it takes a certain step to reach your goal: do it. Sometimes we have to spend time, or spend money, on something short-term to achieve the long-term goal. See it as an investment, not an expense.
Never lose sight of your goal. When issues arise, take them on as part of the process. Everything has its good side and its bad side. The moment you decided to fight for that goal, you didn’t mind assuming that you were going to have to do difficult things to achieve it.
Don’t waste time complaining, it just takes your energy away and doesn’t solve anything for you.
Force yourself to act. There will be times when you have little energy and others when you will have to perform tasks that you do not like. In these cases: self-control. Force yourself to do it, don’t think about whether you feel like doing it or not. In fact, you don’t need to “feel like it” to do things. We all do many things throughout the day that we do not feel like doing and we do them, and once we do them, we realize that they are not so bad. Things are done first and then the desire comes in. I do it and period, I don’t think if I feel like it or not.
Take advantage of the days when you are more cheerful, optimistic and with more energy to do the things that cost you. It is in those moments when you can perform a difficult task or you can call that person with whom you find it difficult to talk.
Surround yourself with optimistic people, who fight for what they want to achieve. Everything is contagious, pessimism and optimism.
Look at the part you have achieved, not the one you have left to achieve.
And above all: enjoy the road. Because human beings enjoy illusion when they fight for things, not when they get them. Once you have achieved your goal, you will have to find a new one to get excited again.

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