What You Birth Flower Says About Your Personality

Did you know what your birth month flower is?

You may not be familiar with this, but just like our zodiac sign, each of the 12 months is associated with a flower. Not only does your birth flower have a special meaning, but it has a lot to do with your personality and traits too.

Keep on reading to find out what your birth flower is and see if it’s true to how you perceive yourself. It is very interesting to know and you could always use this to give someone their respective birthday flower.

1- January – Carnation & Snow Drop
These symbolize love, admiration and hope. It is the beginning of a brand new month and a whole new year signifying rebirth. A person born under the influence of the carnation tends to be feisty and firey. In love they are faithful and usually make good choices.

2- February – Violets & Primroses
These flowers symbolize faithfulness and wisdom. A person born in February can be a very modest, sincere and humble person, although he/she is often possessive in love but also very loyal.

3- March – Daffodils
This flower blooms at the end of winter and signifies new beginnings. They can also signify prosperity.These people are very good at returning affection and are very innocent.

4- April – Daisy & Sweet Pea
This flower is the flower of youthful innocence and blissful pleasure. Its symbolism lies in loyalty, so people born in April tend to be very faithful.

5- May – Lily of the Valley
A lily represents virtue and humility, but also represents people who open their hearts. Those born in this month are often the sweetest people and are very sympathetic.

6- June – Rose
This is the flower of love, passion and beauty. Each color has a special meaning and those born in June are romantic,passionate and loving. Very devoted in love and pure of heart.

7- July – Larkspur & Water Lily
This flower reflects a pure of heart person who usually has a big, open and very loving heart. They are very dignified in their actions, and will bring lots of positivity.

8- August – Gladiolus & Poppy
This flower represents moral integrity and strength of character. Whoever is born under this flower is sincere, respectful and strong. They are very generous and have a natural grace about them.

9- September – Aster & Morning Glory
These flowers symbolize a person full of love and affection. While they have lots of love to give they find it hard to receive love back. A person born under the influence of the Aster or Morning Glory are dainty and delicate.

10- October – Marigolds
They represent creativity,passion, peace and tranquility. People born in October have a superb sense of humor and attract people by themselves. They are full of joy and will bring lots of laughter to everyone around them

11- November – Chrysanthemum
People born under this flower are optimistic, friendly and very cheerful. It represents born leaders, they have lots of loyalty and honesty which makes them very trustworthy and wonderful friends and partners.

12- December – Holly
This flower represents celebration and good wishes, and is related to hope, wealth, protection. People born under this flower are cheerful, independent people who love unconditionally. These people however can be a bit egotistical.

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