Wife gives birth to “biggest baby” and people joke that she should pay taxes

The largest baby ever born in the world weighed 10.2 kg. This Guinness World Record holder was born in Aversa, Italy in 1955. Previously, there was a record in the United States in 1879 about a baby born in Ohio weighing 22 pounds.
Erika Silence Weber’s baby may not have a record, but he’s still a prodigy for his size. And Erika’s little one weighed 12 pounds 6 ounces when he was born.

It sounded huge, but the size only hit people when Erika included a picture of the newborn baby in her TikTok video.

Erika’s TikTok video of her big baby boy went viral and was watched more than 8.1 million times with more than 1.8 million likes. She began, “At 37 weeks, I went in for an ultrasound, and my son was weighing in at 9 lbs 15oz, so we scheduled for a C-section.”

“I ended up being put in labor the day before C-section, and I still went with a C-section because the doctor highly advised that. And I had a baby that was 12 lbs 6oz,” she continued.

He was so huge, he couldn’t wear newborn-size clothing and was wearing 0-3-month-old size clothing. At six months old, Erika said he was wearing 18-month-old clothing size.

Erika shared that people have been tagging her to share her story.

People were making hilarious comments on the baby looks really huge. One jokingly told her, “Tell him to start paying bills.”

Another saw the potentials in this big baby, “He’s boutta be like 6’7″. Whole center in the NBA.”

She later shared a picture of her baby bump… which is kind of scary.

Shows how much mothers have to go through in order to deliver a wonderful life to this world!


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