Woman Challenges People Who Say Plus-Size Women Shouldn’t Wear Tight Clothes

When you’re raised in a certain way, it’s very likely that you won’t even question the things you do anymore. The media and even our family members like to tell us how certain unflattering parts of our bodies should be concealed before they even ask our opinion about it.

Lesley Gore started a new trend on ‘Who told you that?’ and invited people to break what’s deemed as normal these days.

Her own version of toxic ‘normal’ concepts isn’t any less important to watch: Who told you a girlfriend’s purpose is only to sleep with?

The video goes viral with more than 22.3 million views and one fellow TikToker hopped on the trend to bring up another important topic.

Many people still want to look flattering in what they look and it is more than just subjective suggestions based on changing fads – several tips are actually fact-based and science-backed. Such as how certain colors would make your body look slimmer and how tight clothes do emphasize the curves on your body.

But inappropriate? Hold on a second. Why is it that having a curvy body ‘inappropriate’?

A body positivity advocate, this woman is Phaith Montoya, a New York City-based content creator.

The fashion-lover shares that she sometimes feels so frustrated “dress coded for something I couldn’t help.”

From her high-school teacher to her boss at work, this video is only a glimpse of the frustration she’s faced in her life.

People agree that there’s something wrong in blaming what the other person’s wearing instead of one’s eyes.

It’s always people closest to us that managed to convince us to believe in the toxic concept.

And sadly, this isn’t that rare to see among many women.

Phaith uses her platform as a place to remind people to unlearn fatphobia notions. It’s a process that even she herself is going through.

One step at a time, right?


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