Woman Earned More Than $25,000 From Selling Her Farts

For the past 3 years, Lush Botanist may have faced a couple of awkward moments when people ask about her side hustle. The 31-year-old isn’t really embarrassed about it, but one might not always find it normal to hear that you make thousands of dollars out of selling farts.

Yes, Lush has quite the lucrative side hustle from selling her farts. And so far, she’s made $25,000 from it.

Her unusual service has made her a viral sensation as Channel 4 documentary decided to hit her up. The self-claimed ‘pro-farter’ shared that it all started when a request came in for her to film herself letting it all out. The video went viral and to her surprise, she was getting one paid request after another since then.

“I have been doing this business for three years. I kept getting requests over and over.”

It was naturally quite an unusual situation for Lush, but she didn’t take long to think about what to do when profit was involved. She continued, “I thought, ‘You know what? People will pay me for this and I’m going to do it.’”

Lush’s secret is in the fact that she’s lactose intolerant and uses cheese for the job. She’s gotten so good at it she knows which cheese does what to her fart.

For example, parmesan cheese gives those ‘sulphury’ consistency, while mozzarella is perfect for getting ‘big bubbly farts.’ And while most people would avoid people who’d just pass gas, Lush charges up to $175 for every farting session.

The products: fart ‘o jar, lollipop farts, and basically anything she farted on.

She’d shipped out her farts in jars and recalled that one of the weirdest requests was “to fart on those little miniatures that you see like in the train building sets.” Fulfilling all these requests had gained her quite the fortune – one of her biggest daily earning was $4,000!

“My end goal is to be known worldwide as the fart queen,” Lush shared.

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