Woman Gets Mad After A Man Uses Gender Neutral Bathroom In Front Of Her

Gender-neutral public bathrooms are often about lack of choices rather than privacy. Most of the time, you don’t get to choose where you do your business, and one woman tweeted how she’d felt uncomfortable in one. While washing her hand, a man decided to also enter and use the urinal.

The tweet was greeted with divided opinions.

Several people asked for clarifications, and many did not agree with her complaints.

But some could understand why she felt uncomfortable sharing the bathroom with a man.

She reasoned that she could’ve been attacked, and only then would people think something’s wrong.

Did you guys know that gendered bathrooms did not exist until 1739 in Paris?

Over on Reddit, people were shading on how she’d still used a gender-neutral bathroom despite knowing what it means.

Another came with a possible reason for her feeling uncomfortable.


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