Woman Joined Hands With Slim Friends To Compare XL And XS Clothes

Russian stylist Marina Kamenskaya was set to determine how different the same outfits look on women with different bodies. She invited friends and colleagues who are particularly slim and fit in XS clothes to collab.

Marina wears XL herself while her friends will try on the XS clothes and the project actually went viral! She and her friends tried on a range of different clothes from tank tops, skirts, pants, one-piece dresses, everything of different design and shape. Her project doesn’t just show that a plus-size lady can easily look stunning in any clothes, but how companies make quite different cuttings depending on the sizes.



Marina is a very popular stylist for plus-size bodies and you can only be envious of how she manages to slay all her looks. One of her project’s aim is ‘to show that the same look can fit in both your standard size as well as a plus-size body.’ Marina wrote, “Please do not leave negative comments about our figures because this isn’t about who is more beautiful or better looking!”





A lot of people think that if you’re XS, you’ll be able to look good in anything. But Marina debunks that – you can look good no matter the size of the clothes. She wrote, “Don’t hesitate to try out clothes in stores and worry whether that size will fit in. Try out new combinations, enjoy the process!”






Marina often shares tips with how to slay your looks even with a plus-size body. For example, she suggests tucking in your shirt in your jeans and then gently pulling the shirt a little so as to make them loose and less fitting to the body, giving a laidback and casual vibe. She also notes that you should wear your size, instead of forcing yourself into something smaller and uncomfortable!


Check that out; fashion can be rocked by anyone who really knows how to. Never be too worried if something will fit; you never know until you try it.


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