Woman Refused To Go Near Her Car For 1 Week After Finding Huge Spider In Door Handle

Aside from snakes, spiders have to be some of the most feared creatures on earth. And did you know that they’re not considered insects? While most of us think of them as bugs, spiders are actually Arachnida, along with mites, ticks, and scorpions. Now, as you probably know, spiders come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. While most spiders are harmless with bites that cause only minor skin irritation, some are quite deadly with venom that can be fatal for very young children, the elderly, or people with compromised immune systems. But aside from that aspect, the thing that creeps us out the most about these creepy-crawlies is their appearance

I’m sure many of us have joked about burning down our homes if we ever saw a big spider. Well, in Australia, folks really can’t afford to follow through with that promise. You see, the country is home to some pretty big spiders, and just like snakes, these critters are known to hide in all kinds of fun places! For instance, A woman recently shared a picture showing one just hanging out inside her car door handle. From South Wales, Christine Jones was horrified when she reached to get in her car one day and found the huge hairy critter right where her fingers were about to go!

The woman posted a picture on the Facebook Page, Australian Spider Identification, and wrote:

Her Post had since been shared over 2,000 times with comments from hundreds of folks. One person asked her if she touched it or saw it first. To which Christine replied: “Saw it at the last moment.”

Another user joked, saying as if 2020 wasn’t already scary enough, now he had to check his car doors for spiders.

A third suggested that Christine’s car had been repo’d by the spider, suggesting she leave the keys and walk away.

Meanwhile, a few folks suggested that it’s probably a huntsman spider, which is known to grow pretty big. One person even recalled how he had one pop out of his visor while he was driving!

You can also watch a news story about another woman who filmed a huntsman spider crawling on her ceiling while driving in the video below.

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