Woman Reveals How Her Armpits Leak Breast Milk, And It’s Totally Natural

It’s already established that pregnancy and childbirth could cause some somewhat weird fairy things. But ever imagined a leak of breast milk out of your armpit? This Utah-based mom Lindsay White has gone viral for sharing how it happened to her. In a series of four clips on TikTok, Lindsay – the owner of The Little Milk Bar, a brand that empowers breastfeeding parents, described one side effect of breastfeeding that she wasn’t prepared for.

In a four-video series, Lindsay White claims it’s totally normal to leak breast milk from your armpits.

Lindsay is from Salt Lake City and has two children; 4-Year-Old Koda and 9-Year-Old Allie. At the moment, she’s pregnant with her third child, due in October. In one of the clips, which has amassed over 5million views, the expecting mom said: “One day, I was feeding Allie and realized her hair was soaking wet. Then I realized it was coming from my armpit. I thought I was sweaty, but I noticed this huge lump and thought. ‘what is that?’

Initially, Lindsay wasn’t sure, so she checked with her doctor, who shared that her milk line actually runs all the way up through the armpits.

The milk line is known as the Tail of Spence, and it is a normal occurrence for breastfeeding women.

“So, I squeezed it, and HOLY SHIT, milk squirted out. I went to the doctor thinking maybe I had a third nipple, but she said, ‘NOPE. Your milk line actually runs all the way up through your armpits.” That milk line is referred to as the Tail of Spence, and it implies that leaky milk ducts at any point along the line, including in the armpit area, are normal for breastfeeding women.

If the milk is unable to leak, it can cause all kinds of problems, like clogged milk ducts and mastitis.

Motherhood can do all sorts of unusual and unexpected things, hence helpful for new mothers to know this.

She added: “My doctor said that leaking milk from your armpits is totally normal and that I was actually super lucky mine leaked because sometimes the milk is unable to leak, and it can cause all kinds of issues, like clogged milk ducts and mastitis.” Unfortunately, having milk in your armpits can be painful, as Lindsay experienced. It isn’t the leaking itself that hurts but the engorgement of the breast tissue, which is so much that it begins to leak.

However, Lindsay’s brand is built around educating and supporting breastfeeding moms.

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