Woman Teaches A Lesson To The Kid By Pouring Basin Water On Him After He Throws Water Over Her Cat.

There has been a debate going on Twitter over who is right and who is wrong. Go through the tweets and let us know in the comments with your opinion.

This situation between Shannoncooperox and her neighbors has got the internet divided. Shanon said she threw a basin of water over her neighbor’s “10-year-old” kid because he threw a cup of water over her cat. His dad then got super mad about what happened.

Shannon shared the post on Twitter and it sparked a debate amongst the public.Many thought that the kid deserved what he got and his parents should rather be furious over why he abused a poor animal, while,others thought thought the kid just acted childish and Shannon did not had to behave in the same manner.

Meanwhile, a third group of people believes that both sides were to blame and that there are no winners in this story.

The situation later took a turn when Shannon revealed that the kid is actually 13 and he just looks like 10, and also the dad and the kid were laughing about this later and hinting that they all are friends. Go through the whole fiasco and let us know in the comments whats your take in this situation.

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