Woman who starved to lose weight flaunts her 300-pound body in a bikini

Losing weight is an incredible decision in our world today, but what if it doesn’t work for you? Does it mean that living things are thin? Well if you think like that, then Megan Fisher should be a huge inspiration

Megan, a plus-size woman, has spent years starving to lose weight. But she soon found the confidence to flaunt her natural figure, despite the trolls calling her a whale. Teacher Megan was never proud of her body in her childhood and she never turned to children due to her low self-esteem.

Megan Fisher, 29, from Pennsylvania, has spent years starving herself in a bid to shed weight. But soon found the confidence to flaunt her natural figure, despite being labeled as a whale by trolls

Turns out, she feels more confident now, especially as she wore one of her 50s bikinis, shorts, and crop tops that show off her incredible curves. She has been uploading her photos to Instagram, encouraging other plus-sized women to overlook body insecurities and love themselves passionately.

On graduating from school, Megan currently weighing 300lb from Pennsylvania equally found herself enduring an unhappy relationship, living with her partner while also involved in a job as a bank cashier, of which she never enjoyed.

From her teens, Megan had felt the perfect key to living happily was shedding weight. She undeniably tried several fad diets over the period of her teenage and even during her early twenties, including Isagenix, Keto, Atkins, and paleo. Interestingly, she had starved herself believing it would remarkably help in losing some weight. Specifically, Megan in 2004 had planned to go through a pre-op preparation for gastric bypass but discovered a body-positive moment and even Tess Holiday.

It was then she told herself of being happy and confident in her body frame, insisting she doesn’t need to lose weight to be happy. So instead of trying out another diet, the teacher moved to New York City and quit the relationship with her boyfriend. According to Megan, it was indeed the scariest thing she’s ever done but admitted the shift transformed her life as she learned how to be independent.

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