Youthful-Looking Mom, 50, Is Always Mistaken For Her 22-Year-Old Son’s Girlfriend

A 50-Year-Old mother who doesn’t appear a day over 20 looks so energetic that even her son gets mistaken as her significant other. Liu Yelin, born in 1968 doesn’t appear older despite being a librarian for more than three decades. She’s currently retired, but still has glowing skin, a super-toned skin, and interestingly, there’s isn’t any wrinkle in sight. The Chinese woman has indeed stunned millions of internet users with her amazingly youthful looks

Liu Yelin, 50, looks so energetic and even gets mistaken for her 22-year-old son’s girlfriend

Ms. Liu specifically has a strict beauty routine, which includes regular exercise, swimming in the lake, and doing weight training every day. ‘A lot of people are often confused to find out I am almost 50. Each time I go shopping and tell people my actual age, I mostly get mobbed by strangers who eagerly want to find out my secrets. If you feel you look rough, that’s because you have sweated plenty. I feel so 15.’ Ms. Liu told MailOnline.

Well-recognized for her screen name ‘Yen Wen’, the confident mom admitted her age-defying look has given her headaches, especially as people often have mistaken her son, 22 for her partner. She revealed an incident, where she and her son, who works as an assistant for a film production company attended a wedding and got pestered by guests if they were actually dating.

Nevertheless, the energetic mom has an admirable olive skin and a perfect complexion but insisted she rarely uses body cosmetics. Instead, the fitness lover linked her youthful appearance to daily exercise and swimming. ‘I swim a lot in the lake and do weight training as well. My best of all is swimming outdoors in the winter. Each time people wear down jackets, I strip down to my bikini and dive into freezing water. Most times, I force myself to do it.’ Ms. Liu explained.

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